Tuesday, December 5, 2006


~ Alice ~

Here I sit in my own beautiful country
Missing a land that is far away in body
But ever close in spirit.
How could a place that is so
Relentless in the summer
And so remote in location
Create such a yearning inside of me?

I envision the rich, red soil,
The sharp, jagged mountains that
Attempt to lure me into
The vastness of nothingness.
A night sky that beholds such beauty
That one almost cannot bear to
Look at it for too long
Without wishing to become a part of it.

Have you ever heard the beauty of true quiet?
The sound that whispers
Your deepest thoughts
And let’s them fly away
On the waves of comforting wind,
In the crisp, fresh air that finally
Allows you to take your first deep breath,
Until they find their way home.

I fell in love with a country
That isn’t my own.
Will I ever recover that piece of myself
That remains there
Waiting to be found?

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