Monday, November 19, 2007



In a stagnant, lonesome field
A single flower stretches up to the sky
Her vibrant color screaming to be noticed
The beauty she radiates being wasted

This flower that started as just another seed
Lost in a sea of sameness
Blossomed into a unique, lovely prize
Now desires to flourish into her destiny

But, the flower searches the endless field
Spying only monotony and barriers
Drabness and skeletons of what use to be
Making her yearn to be somewhere else

A spark of hope emerges as the sun pokes through the clouds
A breeze makes its way across the land
Gently lifting the petals of her flower friend
As the flower tries to take flight

But, then…

The darkness and gloom settles over the field
Her precious roots pulling her back to earth
The flower realizes her destiny is to remain right where she is
To lend beauty where it is needed most

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