Monday, April 21, 2008


Strawberries are probably the only healthy food that our entire family enjoys. All three of our boys are fairly picky eaters, with Connor being the worst. I always laughed at the experts who say a child needs to taste something ten times before their tastebuds can appreciate it. I put green beans on my boys' plates dozens of times and they would never eat it. However, I do see some truth to that statement. I do believe as we get older our tastes can change and expand. Sully will be eight next month and I've really been noticing the changes in him. He's beginning to be more adventurous with food and has even begun to eat salad on occassion. What amazes me most is that he likes raw onion on his burgers!

I can remember asking my dad when I was younger a question about taste. "Dad, does food taste the same to everyone? Does fish taste the same to me as it does to you?" I figured there had to be differences to account for people actually liking seafood. His reply was yes, everyone has different tastes. I find it amazing that Sully likes raw onions and shrimp (pretty much all seafood), two items that I detest. I'm glad to see his tastes expanding and it gives me hope for his brothers.

Last weekend the strawberries were on sale at the commissary so I purchased three pounds with the idea of making strawberry shortcake. I got home and cut up about a pound and a half, put them in a bowl and added a bit of sugar. I let them sit so that they could begin to make their own syrup.

Later in the day I made the biscuits. I use the Better Homes Cookbook biscuit recipe in my well-used copy (15 years old!), but I do the drop biscuits. It's much quicker than rolling them out and making all that mess and fuss.

We ended up having the shortcakes for an afternoon snack (more like dinner for Chuck and I). I know some people will be horrified to know that we used Cool-Whip on top of our strawberries, but I LOVE the fake stuff. I could eat it like ice cream. When we lived in Australia, Cool-Whip was one of the items that I missed the most (they don't have it over there). Honestly, I prefer it over whipped cream. Call me crazy.

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