Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A New Beginning

With a new year and a possible new move upon me, I felt it was time for a new place to house my blog. Some of you may have been readers from before - perhaps some of you are new to my world. Whichever title you fall under - welcome!

My blog tends to be filled with recipes, crafts, rantings, poems, updates on our family, and closest to my heart, trip reports from places I visit. I am filled with wanderlust, which, while wonderful for a life in the military, is not so great for raising a family. I live, breathe, and sleep travel - always looking forward to my next adventure. Thankfully, my husband and children put up with my passion. Maybe, just maybe, they are even glad for my adventuruous spirit at times.

I hope that this blog provides you with something, whether it be inspiration for new recipes or crafts, an update on how our family of five is fairing, or simply entertainment. I hope that you leave this page with a smile, a laugh, and a warming of the heart.

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