Monday, May 4, 2009

Play Ball!

On Saturday we took the boys to see the Bowie Baysox. They're a local AA team for the Baltimore Orioles and their stadium is located pretty close to us. We've lived in the area for a total of six years, but just got around to attending a game.

We went on Saturday because it was Reading Night at the park and Sully and Owen had earned free tickets for doing some extra reading. The weather wasn't the best and we got sprinkled on for a while, but then it finally cleared up and the rest of the evening was quite pleasant.

We all had a good time even though we only lasted through four innings. It was getting late for the boys. We did find out through the program that there is a team down in Norfolk so we're going to try and attend a game this summer. We found out the next day that the Baysox lost to the Akron Aeros that night. Oh well - we still had fun.


  1. Baseball fans!! We enjoy baseball here as well but at heart it's football that wins us over. LOL And now wrestling too (youngest son wrestles).

    I don't see many or well really any other girls with her name in her classes. Or even when we are out and about. That's why when I see someone that has the name Carissa I'm all giddy. LOL Even if they spell is with a K I'm still giddy. I'm easy to please as you can tell. LOL

    God Bless

  2. Hey Tammy! Thanks for stopping by. :-)

    Growing up I was a HUGE baseball/Red Sox fanatic. But, over the past few years I've really become more of a football fan (Patriots of course!).

    My married name starts with a K so I've always thought it would have been neat if my name was spelled Karissa instead. ;-)


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