Monday, August 24, 2009

Save Money - Buy Yeast in Bulk

I'm a big fan of the book The Tightwad Gazette. The author, Amy Dacyczyn, mentions how much cheaper it is to buy yeast in bulk. Spending almost five dollars for a small 4 ounce jar was no longer appealing to me. I tried Trader Joe's, but they only carry yeast seasonly. I have heard that Sam's Club and Costco carry 2 pound bags for under four dollars, but we do not have a membership to either so I turned to an online source.

I found Mulberry Lane Farm while doing a search for buying bulk yeast. Someone on a message board had recommended their site and I decided to give it a try. The smallest amount that they sell is five one-pound bags with each bag costing $2.99. The shipping is almost ten dollars, but that still keeps the price per 16 ounces to just under five dollars. A huge savings over the small jars I was previously purchasing ($5 compared to $20).

I wanted to take the time to recommend this website because of the wonderful customer service I received. I placed my order online on Saturday and received my package today (Monday). Along with my yeast there was a lovely letter and a recipe for French Bread (to be made in the bread machine, but baked in the oven). I can't wait to give it a try!

If you do lots of baking and don't have a membership to a wholesale club, I highly recommend ordering some yeast from Mulberry Lane Farm. You won't be disappointed.

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