Sunday, September 13, 2009

Decoupage Project Complete

I finally got around to painting the dressers yesterday. I am so glad a friend of mine suggested light blue because it was the perfect color! It matched the underside of the boys' comforters, the two prints hanging on their walls, and the blue in the maps on the drawer fronts. I just love how they look in the room!



Let's look at the total cost for this project.

dressers - FREE

maps - already had on hand (Most of our maps are fairly old and in bad shape anyway so this is a great way to use them. It took about three maps to do both dressers.)

glue - 50 cents (?) (I used about two bottles and purchased them VERY cheaply during Walmart's back to school sale.)

paint - $6.96 (I bought one quart and it was just about perfect for both dressers - two coats.)

paint supplies - $3.41 (This was for a roller, pan, and brush. Other people doing this project might already have these supplies at home. Might even have some extra paint!)

Total to refurbish two dressers = $10.87

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