Thursday, September 3, 2009

Decoupage Update

I finished decoupaging the drawers on one dresser. I still need to paint and decide what I'm going to do with the drawer pulls. This dresser has wooden handles that I could just paint and put back on. The other dresser is missing a handle or two anyway, so I would need to buy some replacements.

I would love some suggestions on what color to paint the dressers. I am currently thinking red because Connor suggested it and I think it would go well with everything. Here is a picture of the curtains in their room, which are also the colors of their sheets and comforter:

And this is the main piece of artwork in their room:

So, what color would you choose?


  1. Looks good. I'm really impressed with your masterpiece of craftiness.

  2. I agree with the hubby, it looks good.... I think you should go with green as it matches Colorado's plates... LOL

  3. That looks so cool! While the red would look cool, I also would like dark blue.

  4. I just popped by your site and like your craftiness. How about black for the dresser? That would tie together the curtains, comforter, artwork and dresser.

  5. Thanks for all of the suggestions! I decided to go with a light blue. It will match the colors in both prints they have on their walls and the underside of their comforters is light blue. I'll post pictures when it's finished.

  6. Very cool decorating ideas. You've got a great blog!


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