Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How Does This Work Again?

It has been so long since I posted an entry on my blog, I almost forgot how to do it. My apologies for not writing something sooner. Do I have an excuse? Well, not really. I could say that we've been enjoying having Chuck home and spending time together as a family. While that is indeed true, the bottom line is I just was lazy about writing.

Let me give a quick update on what has gone on the past two months:

♦ We became the proud owners of a Russian Tortoise, who we named Darwin.

♦ My husband returned home to us on November 6th from a five month long school down in Florida.

♦ My parents came to visit for a week.

♦ We have been hosting an elf named Drew who visited us last year and has been getting into lots of mischief.

♦ Preparations have been underway for Chuck's six month deployment.

I hope to become more regular in my updates once again as things start to calm down after the holidays. Look for upcoming posts about our tortoise and the new curriculum we're going to begin using.

Happy Holidays to all of you -- may peace, joy, and love be with you throughout the new year. ♥


  1. happy to see an update! looking forward in keeping up w/ how you and the boys (and Chuck) will be during the new year (when you get the chance)


  2. I can.not.believe how big your boys are!

    My kids loved the turtle pictures :)


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