Sunday, September 21, 2008

Letterboxes Planted

I accomplished another task today and crossed it off my list. We letterbox for those who don't know. You can find more info at A few months back we put together two letterboxes of our own, but never got around to actually finding them a home - a.k.a. planting them. We knew where we wanted to do it - Patuxent Ponds Park - but just hadn't found a chance to take care of it.

So, today - with the beautiful autumn weather upon us - we headed over to get our boxes' homes. It was an interesting hike as there was lots of litter and probably close to 10 old, rusted, abandoned vehicles scattered about. But, this area probably contained some of the most abundant wildlife that we've encountered on a hike before. We saw lots of interesting flowers, mushrooms, tons and tons of frogs, deer tracks, geese, squirrels - and the most interesting thing was a snapping turtle that we found FAR away from the pond. Chuck's eagle eyes spotted it lying on its back. He picked it up and gave it some water from the bottle we carried with us. It really seemed to perk up after a good dousing. He carried it throughout our hike until we finally made our way back to the pond. I was getting a bit nervous at one point because there was no trail map and we had no idea where all of these different paths were leading us. Just when I was ready to turn back around - we realized we had come full circle. We made our way to the pond where Chuck released the turtle. Owen and Connor kept hollering, "Goodbye Best Friend!"

We had a great time just like we always do when we go letterboxing/hiking. And I feel especially good today that I accomplished something from my list.

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