Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Let's Travel to Thailand

On Sunday we had our "Thailand Day" party. One of my goals is to have a monthly party where we learn about a different country and eat foods that are part of that country's cusine. Now that I realize how busy we are, I'm thinking these parties may be further apart than once a month, but you get the idea. We decided to learn about Thailand for our first event since I had found many recipes with a Thai connection. Now, please don't leave a comment and tell me that what I cooked was not authentic Thai food. I realize that. These recipes were more along the lines of American takeout. The point of this activity was FUN!

First, we read some books about Thailand to understand the country and its people. Then we read The Umbrella Queen. With some basic knowledge under our belts, Owen and Connor colored some Thailand pictures I had printed out while sous chef Sully helped me make the appetizer - Chinese-Barbecued-Chicken Lettuce Wraps (yes - I see it says Chinese and not Thai - let's just say the meal was more Asian themed - okay?)

These were delicious! Even Sully and Owen ate a wrap each. These were probably our favorite part of the meal.

Up next was the main course - Hot and Cold Sesame Noodles and Pot-Sticker Pockets (all of these recipes are from Rachael Ray's cookbooks).

The Pot-Sticker Pockets were really tasty, but the noodles just didn't make the cut. They were much too acidic and didn't taste sesame to me at all. I wouldn't make them again.

For dessert we had Fried Bananas.

So - there you have it. I completed two goals with one meal (the other goal is the "make one complete meal from all new recipes once a month"). It's nice to really enjoy cooking again instead of viewing it as a dreaded chore. I still have days where I cringe at the thought of having to prepare yet another meal, but I think we all look forward to these special events. Sully and Owen are even willing to try new things on these special occassions and that's what it's all about.

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