Sunday, January 4, 2009

West Virginia - Part 3

Once we were settled into the cabin (which consisted of Chuck lugging everything in and me taking pictures), I started to get dinner ready. I had made meatballs the day before and I just had to heat them up. We were having meatball subs!

The rest of the evening was spent going in the hot tub, putting the boys to bed, and watching a marathon of Dirty Jobs. (I love Mike Rowe.) I'm sure I went to bed fairly early as became the norm for me on this trip. I think all of that fresh air did me in!

Here are some pictures of the evening:

The next morning the boys and I woke up around 6 a.m. I worked hard at building a fire in the fireplace and we enjoyed a quiet morning just relaxing. I read some more of my book and the boys either watched TV or played with their gameboys.

Once we'd all been up for a while I made scrambled eggs and cinammon buns - both came out very well. Of course it's a given that there was coffee for Chuck and I!

Around 9:30 we were all ready to head out for some sightseeing. Today was supposed to be a gorgeous, warm day. It was a bit chilly at first so we bundled up.

Our first stop was the Discovery Center. Unfortunately, once we arrived we realized it was closed for the season. Oh well. At this spot you get a gorgeous view of Seneca Rocks.

These rocks are about 900 feet tall and are an important area to Native Americans. If you want to read more about them and read the legend surrounding these rocks - click on the link.
After viewing the rocks, we decided to drive up Spruce Knob - the highest peak in West Virginia. It was about 12 miles of very narrow, curving road. It was scary meeting another vehicle. There were lots of hunters out and they'd park on the already narrow road.

Part of the way up, Owen began complaining that his throat hurt. Have I mentioned that we were all in different stages with a cold? I figured he just had a sore throat and told him I didn't have any medicine with me. Just as we turned off to a scenic overlook, Owen began coughing.
Yeah - that usually means he's going to throw up. Owen is my motion sick child. I guess he was feeling sick, but didn't know how to express that and just said his throat hurt.

Luckily I was able to get him out of the van in time and he got a lovely view while vomiting up his breakfast. He felt great after that!

The view was gorgeous and the weather had really warmed up. We no longer needed our jackets. It probably got to 70 or so later in the day.

Here are some pictures of the view:

This wasn't the top of Spruce Knob, but we decided it was good enough for us, especially with Mr. Pukey along for the ride. We began to head down the mountain.

Because it was so nice out and because of Owen being car sick, I put my window down and let the fresh air in the van. As we began our decent, I started noticing a burning rubber smell.

We had decided to stop and eat lunch at a restaurant that was located right at the bottom of the mountain. It's quite rural out here and not a lot of anything. We were all getting hungry by this point anyway.

We got out of the van and looked at the tires. There was smoke coming out of the center. Chuck said it was the brakes. I dunno. I just knew that couldn't be good. Me being the helpful wife that I am told him that perhaps he should have gone down the mountain in a lower gear. We haven't had any problems since so hopefully no permanent damage was done.

We had a very nice lunch inside the family diner - inexpensive and tasty (I think I had a burger).

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