Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We Have a New Home!

It is easy to tell that life is beginning to get a bit chaotic since my blog entries have been few and far between! After our return from Disney World, we spent Easter up in Pennsylvania with Chuck's family. The following weekend my longtime friend Angela came down for a visit and we took a quick trip to Virginia Beach. Since I had already done lots of research online, I was able to check out one of our choices to live and signed a lease! Thankfully, that step is taken care of and we can move on to other things.

A few pictures from my trip to VA Beach:

Churros - so delicious!

Speaking of other things, we have our pack out scheduled for the end of the month. May will be a very busy time as we have appointments, paperwork to get together, and the house to get organized. Hopefully everything will continue to move along smoothly.

All three boys have birthdays coming up and I am in the process of planning their big combined party with friends. We have decided upon a Lego theme and I've been spending some time doing research and trying to come up with some good, but inexpensive ideas. I love planning themed parties for the boys and I especially enjoy making their cakes. Here are some of the ones I have made in previous years.


  1. Congrats!!!!! When is the moving day?

  2. Sometime at the end of May. Our pack out is May 29th, but we can't do the final walk through with the housing office until June 1st so we haven't decided how we're going to work it.


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