Thursday, March 25, 2010

Growing My Own Tortoise Food

Some of you might recall that I mentioned ordering some seeds to start growing our own food for Darwin, the Russian Tortoise. The seeds arrived from Carolina Pet Supply many weeks ago, but I just got around to planting them. Are you beginning to see how things work around here? I have lots of big ideas, but they don't always come to fruition.

I guess the beautiful weather we've been having finally motivated me to do some planting. I had two types of seeds to plant. The first was a mix specifically for tortoises. It can be used in an outside enclosure, or planted in containers and grown inside if you wish. The other seeds are for California Poppy, which is a safe flower for Russian Tortoises to eat. Growing my own food allows for a more varied diet for Darwin and hopefully a bit of a cost savings for me. I know I will need to supplement with store bought produce, but hopefully I can provide him with an ample amount from my indoor garden.

I purchased a couple of foil cooking trays for $1 each and some soil. Then I summoned my helpers and we were ready to begin.

The only place that I had room to keep the trays was on my window sill. We're fortunate to have the kind of window sills you can sit in. Perfect spot for my indoor garden.

Next up was the poppy seeds. I used an old plastic tub as the container. The problem with the poppy seeds is they need to be planted 6 inches apart so I couldn't fit very many in here.

Fingers crossed that something actually grows for me! I will post updates to let you know if my black thumb prevails or if luck is on my side.

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