Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Fling Challenge - My Bedroom Closet

I have been procrastinating on continuing with my spring fling challenge. Since we had no errands to run yesterday, I thought it was a good day to tackle my bedroom closet.

This is only one half of the master bedroom closet. The other side is full of clothes and my husband's things. Most of the items on my side are craft related. You know how you always keep things because you intend to do something with it? A project idea that you had, but never realized?

I ended up getting rid of all my cross-stitch stuff, but I did keep this one that is almost finished:

I started this one when I was pregnant with my almost ten-year-old. Sad. Very sad. I just need to finish the backstitching and then frame it. I just couldn't bear to part with it.

I also found this bright fabric that I purchased while living in Australia:

When I bought the fabric, I had just learned how to make a shag quilt and intended to make more for family members as gifts.

I did end up keeping the fabric because it was very expensive and not a pattern that I am going to be able to find easily (if at all) here in the states. I have my grandmother's sewing machine that was handed down to me that I have yet attempted to thread even once since it came into my home. It is on my list of things to do this year and to start quilting.

The pile of stuff to donate turned out to be quite large:

It felt good to have the closet cleared out.

Then all that remained was putting things back in the closet in an organized way.

That's much better.

So, let's see where I stand on my to-do list for this spring fling challenge:

♦ go through all clothes and closets - this includes craft items that I never get around to using (This is only a partial check for my half of the closet and the craft items.)

♦ go through toys

♦ kitchen cabinets - get rid of what we don't need to make more space

♦ make a housework schedule

♦ keep up with weekly menu planning (I have been keeping up with this.)

♦ weed through the books yet again

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