Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let the Spring Fling Begin

Clutter. It is something that I despise, yet still struggle to keep out of my home. My biggest trouble spots are the kitchen table where we do school and my desk. There is something about spring that tempts me to start fresh. I can blame spring fever for luring me to challenge myself with this goal.

I can't believe I'm going to embarrass myself by showing my clutter pictures. But, I can deal knowing I have started my spring fling and can share the "after" photos with you.
This is what I bought to keep our school books and papers organized and off of the table.
But, I wasn't using it for what it was intended.

Where I spend a good deal of time

The warmer weather and sunshine gave me the motivation to take care of the clutter and try to get organized. I have been inspired by some bloggers out there and this was step one in my spring fling. In the coming weeks, I plan on going through the entire house and finding a new home for the rest of our clutter. I am still amazed at how much stuff we donated before we moved last June and how much still remains. I think moving to a smaller place with less storage has made me realize how little we really use on a regular basis.


One of the things I want to fling this spring is bad habits. Not only do I want to get rid of material things that are just taking up valuable space in our home, I want to stop being so disorganized. I have way too much on my plate to not have more organization in my life.

Here are some things on my spring fling to do list:

♦ go through all clothes and closets - this includes craft items that I never get around to using

♦ go through toys

♦ kitchen cabinets - get rid of what we don't need to make more space

♦ make a housework schedule

♦ keep up with weekly menu planning

♦ weed through the books yet again

Stay tuned for updates on how my spring fling is progressing. Do you have any tips on decluttering and/or organization to share?


  1. Just a suggestion I use for my excess books, you can get new ones and swap 'em back and not have clutter- it saved my bookshelf!

  2. Great tip, Kat! I have used them before. :)


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