Sunday, April 4, 2010

Menu Planning - Week of April 4th

I mentioned in my previous post that we took a trip to the farmers market the other day. I intended to take a picture of our purchases, but I forgot. At the farm stand we bought new potatoes, sweet potatoes, romaine lettuce, fuji apples, and a zucchini. The lettuce goes into salads and is also eaten by Darwin. I made some muffins with the zucchini. Apples are eaten every day by the boys.

In anticipation of our farm share and to encourage our new way of eating, I plan to make more vegetarian meals and not focus on meat so much. If anyone has any good veggie dishes to share, I would be very appreciative!


zucchini muffins, Mom's Best cereal (probably the last time I purchase cereal), homemade granola bars (recipe to follow later this week)


sandwiches on homemade honey wheat bread, leftovers, omelets, salads


Tuna burgers with roasted new potatoes

Homemade pizza

Beans and Rice

Chinese Pie made with sweet potato

Whole Wheat Spaghetti w/ Marinara Sauce and homemade bread


fruit, cheese sticks, popcorn

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