Tuesday, December 30, 2008

West Virginia Trip - Part 1

Friday morning we were up, packed, and ready to go around 9:30. We filled up the van with gas and hit the road. We had no issues with traffic.

Now that we've returned, I can tell you where we were headed. We were staying at Harman's North Fork Cottages in Cabins, WV.

We followed 66 West to 55 West. No problems at all. Around 10:30 we were getting hungry so we found a Cracker Barrel.

I really wanted lunch, but I settled for breakfast. It was packed in there! Day after Christmas was a busy day. Everyone was crowded in like sardines in the store section. I made my way to the podium and heard someone mention something about "first available". So - I said, "first available." Stupid me didn't realize until we were seated what that meant. Smoking section. Living in Maryland I forget that some states still allow smoking in restaurants. Thankfully, most of the people sitting in the smoking section were like us - non smokers just wanting to get seated more quickly.

We ordered our breakfasts. The picture isn't much, but my favorite things here are their hashbrown casserole and their biscuits. Those are fried apples and Sully ate my bacon.

With our bellies full and our bladders empty it was time to get back on the road. Once we hit 55 West we shifted from highway to back, country roads - gorgeous views and lots of curvy hills. Finally, we crossed into West Virginia. Sorry about the picture - it came up on me really fast.

We did stop at one scenic overlook along the way. I thought the views before this were much nicer.

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